ASAP/emergency service

I have years of experience translating things needed yesterday. It would be unprofessional to rush things without a legitimate need, but if you need something translated really fast, you have come to the right place. Or, rather, the right man.

Due to a combination of knowledge, skill, experience, good organization, discipline, stamina and sheer willingness to work long hours for my clients when they need it, I can help you better with that than pretty much anyone else. In the world of Polish freelancers, ASAP service is my special niche as much as legal topics are.

You will be surprised how fast things can be translated (without the use of AI or any other form of machine translation), and the quality will surprise you too. It will still be better than a slow-paced legal translation that isn’t mine.

A scalable surcharge applies. There is a difference between translating a lawyer’s bio in two days and a thirty-page court judgment overnight.

Be warned that by agreeing to translate something to the tune of 7500 or 10000 words (roughly thirty or forty ‘standard pages’) overnight, which inevitably means translating into the night and often well into the next day, I do not take a risk transfer from you. I am merely your best option for mitigating the risk when you can’t avoid it. I am part of the solution, not of the problem.