Legal translation deals with the legal system and its workings

Laws, statutes, regulations

Unlike treaties and their multiple language versions, domestic legislation has yet to be translated. This is what legal translators do, helping businesses understand the rules of the game outside the home turf. As private translations come without government warranty, it is important to choose a translator whose expertise you can trust.

Courts, decisions, litigation, law enforcement

You can hardly plead if you don’t speak the court’s language. It is no easier for judges, administrative officials and investigators to assess evidence they don’t understand. This is where legal translators come in, translating decisions, pleadings, exhibits and witness statements, and more. A large part of Łukasz’s extensive legal education (13 years combined) focused on court and administrative procedures and rules of evidence.

Lawyers & law firms

From street lawyers to Big Law, anything that relates to the tireless professional navigators of the legal system and fighters of legal battles is of interest to the legal translator. Between graduating law school and changing careers to become a legal translator, Łukasz briefly worked as an associate in the Warsaw offices of one of Poland’s top 10 international firms at the time, having moved there from a traditional boutique firm.

Certified translation for official use

Polish courts and other authorities — and the parties — are normally required to use sworn translators. Łukasz is a sworn translator duly appointed by the Polish Minister of Justice (following rigorous examination in both English-Polish and Polish-English), and you can find his name on the official list at the Ministry’s website.

But there is so much more to legal translation for business clients


Any exchange, whenever you buy or sell goods or a service, or trade some other benefits, is a contract. If sales is the lifeblood of your business, contracts are the veins and arteries. To keep your system healthy and robust, you need contracts translated in a way that is faithful and fluent, natural and lucid, with clarity and confidence.

Corporate Governance

Much like governing a country, ‘corporate governance is the mechanisms, processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and directed.’ This includes the articles and charters under which your company is established, the bylaws and policies defining how its objectives are pursued, and all the procedures that are there to follow. A large part of it is balancing all the competing interests and avoiding or resolving conflicts.

Regulatory Affairs

To comply you need to know what is requried. But to thrive, you need to understand. Here, you need a translator who can keep up with your lawyers as they explain the environment and the climate, how it affects your business and how your business can affect it in return. And when the time comes to make your voice heard, you need a translator who can keep up with the confident seasoned writers in your legal and your PR department.